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Purchasing Printed Copies of the Cookbook

One way to use the free vegan cookbooks is to download them and simply use them from your computer. Another is to download them and print them out using your own printer. Another would be to ask a company to print the cookbooks for you (see below for more information).

These cookbooks are no longer available in printed format from the author.


If you want to use a printing/copying service to have these cookbooks printed, you might try one of the following:

(1) use the Fedex Office printing service (the printed document can be sent to your home, or you can pick it up at a local Fedex Office):
(with all the cheapest options, you can print about 200 pages for about $55)

(2) use other online printing services - these places may or may not have services to print just one document:

(3) you can go to a copy place (such as Fedex Office), and have it printed - most copy shops have computers connected to the internet so you can download the cookbook(s) while at the copy store, and then you can print from the computer - or you take a thumb drive to the copy shop with the cookbooks on it, and then you will not need to download the cookbooks while at the copy shop.

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