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Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Service provided by the Vitalita Culinary Group (VCG) - Service currently only available in various parts of the San Francisco Bay Area (e.g., Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, Alameda, San Francisco, California)

Have vegetarian/vegan meals prepared in your own home, to your exact specifications.
Want healthy, freshly-prepared meals, but don't have the time or energy to cook?

Ever wish you could come home to meals prepared fresh, specifically for your family, without having to lift a finger?
Is someone in your household in a healing situation that requires a special diet?


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What is Personal Chef Service?

In Personal Chef Service, a trained chef comes into your house and prepares various dishes especially for you, leaving these dishes for you and your family to enjoy at your convenience. Options are also available to have dishes delivered, or available for pick up (e.g., a take out service).

The Vitalita Culinary Group's Personal Chef Service offers:

  • vegan (strict vegetarian) dishes/meals prepared specifically for you and your family
  • gourmet, family style, and ethnic/international (Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, ...)
  • desserts and various baked goods also offered
  • shopping service
  • bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, "as-needed", or one-time special occasion cooking sessions
Discover new ideas for integrating TASTY whole grain, vegetable, and bean dishes into you and your family's diet. Decadent desserts also available. Great for people interested in learning about vegetarian/vegan food.

Able to accommodate many diets, sensitivities, and allergies:

  • gluten intolerance/allergy/sensitivity (no wheat, spelt, ...) (including accommodating people with celiac disease)
  • lot-fat
  • lactose intolerance
  • non-dairy
  • high fiber
  • soy allergies
  • corn allergies
  • Candidiasis

How it Works:

First, we discuss your needs and wants - many different options are available:

  • ingredient based - tell me what foods you like or what ingredients you are interested in seeing prepared, and I will create dishes from these (either purchasing the ingredients needed, or cooking with ingredients you have on hand)
  • dish based - tell me what dishes you would like me to make for you, and I will make them
  • OR if you would like to see new ingredients and dishes, I can offer suggestions and create new dishes for you to explore
  • Second, you or I will do the shopping for the cooking session
  • Third, either I come to your house, cook various dishes (including dessert if desired), and leave them for you - OR - I prepare the dishes and you can pick them up or I can deliver them
  • Fourth, you and your family can enjoy these dishes when you want - dishes created often last 6+ days, and can be supplemented with other dishes you make (including animal protein if desired). Many dishes also freeze very well.

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