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Mark Foy - Oracle CRM Consultant - San Francisco Bay Area

Mark Foy

Oracle CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Consultant

Overview of Mark Foy’s Oracle CRM Experience:

  • Over 17 years of Oracle CRM experience. (Listed below from earliest experience to latest experience.)

  • Started working with Oracle CRM products in 1999. My first project was to implement the Oracle Service module which at that time included the Installed Base, Service Contracts (sold from Order Management/Entry), and Service Requests/Support. At that time, Oracle was not marketing this as CRM, but these are the products that would eventually be the base of the CRM/Service offerings.

  • My second Oracle CRM project (in 2001) was to implement Service related modules in a brand new R11i installation. This included Installed Base, Service Requests and Support (also called Service OnLine or TeleService), CRM Foundation, Customer Care (Contact Center), Trading Community Architecture (TCA), and iSupport.

  • My third Oracle CRM project (in 2002) was a new install of R11i. Modules included Contracts for Service (Service Agreements), TeleService (which includes the Install Base, Service Requests, and Customer Care), Field Service, Spares Management, CRM Foundation, and Trading Community Architecture (TCA).

  • My fourth Oracle CRM project (in 2003): I worked on a TCA (Trading Community Architecture) implementation pilot project and troubleshooting and enhancements for: Contracts for Service (Service Agreements and Warranties) and Install Base.

  • My fifth Oracle CRM project (in 2004): I was CRM track lead for a Bearing Point project to implement the following modules in 11i (11.5.9): Service Suite/TeleService/Service Requests/Customer Support/ Customer Care/Install Base (CS/CSS/CSC/CSI/CSE), Customers Online (OCO/IMC), Trading Community Architecture (TCA/HZ), Service Intelligence (BIV), Service Contracts/Contracts Core (OKS/OKC), iSupport Self-Service (IBU), and CRM Foundation (JTF).

  • My sixth Oracle CRM project (in early 2005): I implemented Oracle Customers Online (OCO) into the client's current TCA framework, and worked on process and configuration enhancements to the Install Base and Service Contracts modules.

  • My seventh Oracle CRM project (in late 2005): I worked on a project to expand the use of the Oracle 11i Install Base and Service Contracts modules, so they could be used to cover the renewal of maintenance and subscription service contracts.

  • My eighth Oracle CRM project (in 2006): I was functional lead/business analyst on large 11i project. I designed, configured, customized, and tested all aspects of implementing Oracle 11i Service Contracts and Install Base. This was for the business to be able to perform software license maintenance and subscription renewals within 11i (including full integration with Order Management).

  • My ninth Oracle CRM project (in 2007): I helped test, debug, configure, and bring to production the 11i Service Contracts and Installed Base module so the business could perform all renewal activities within the Service Contracts module (this was for a client I had consulted at previously).

  • My tenth Oracle CRM project (in 2008): I was again as a techno-functional lead for an implementation of the Install Base and Service Contract modules into an existing 11i installation which was only using Order Management and Financials.  This project was to streamline the maintenance renewal business process.

  • My eleventh CRM Oracle project (in late-2008): I lead a small team to expand an Oracle 11i implementation (OM, IB, SC, AR, etc.) to better handle TERM license sales (software industry) (this was for a client I had consulted at previously).

  • My twelfth Oracle CRM project (in early-2010): I worked as functional analyst on a new R12 implementation (including TeleService/Service Requests, Install Base, Customer Care, TCA/OCO, etc.).

  • My projects continue to involve Oracle CRM.

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