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File Format Information

On the pages at this site, you will find many different types of files with different types for formats. This is a quick description about each of the file formats.

  • MX2 - MasterCook format - this format must be opened in MasterCook - the mx2 files on this web site were created with MasterCook 9 for the Microsoft Windows (and should be compatible with Mastercook versions 5 and up), so it may not be possible to open them in the old MasterCook for the Mac - if you are unable to open this mx2 version in MasterCook , try the txt version to see if that might work.

  • HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language format - this format can be easily read on web browsers (e.g., Firefox).

  • TXT - text format - ASCII format - no special viewers or programs required.

  • PDF - Portable Document Format - This format is can be opened with multiple types of programs including Apple Preview and Adobe Acrobat

  • RTF - rich text format - for viewing, a file in this format must be opened in a word processor/text editing program (such as Microsoft Word) which can interpret this format.

  • DOCX - Microsoft Word format - for viewing, a file in this format must be opened in Microsoft Word (or another word processor that can open MS Word files).

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