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Improvements & updates are made periodically to the McGee House (a fully-furnished house available for short-term rent in central Berkeley, California) - these improvements and changes make the house more comfortable and convenient.  This blog is updated to describe those changes as they occur.

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New Mattress (Master Bedroom)

European Sleep Works Alpine Mattress


In the McGee House main bedroom, on the queen sized bed, there is a natural European Sleep Works mattress.

This luxury mattress is from European Sleep Works (in Berkeley) which is very well known in the Bay area for it’s high quality, all natural material, bedroom goods.

Nest Protect Units Installed

Nest Protect


A new set of 3 Nest Protect smoke detector / CO detector has been installed at the McGee House.  One in the mater bedroom, one in the smaller bedroom, and one in the hallway.  These are intelligent home safety devices.  As the manufacturer says: the smoke alarm that other alarms look up to.

New 50” 4K Smart TV

4K Smart TV


Brand new 50" Insignia 4K Smart TV placed at the McGee House.

Wall Mounted (with an articulated arm)

Smart TV with many apps (Amazon, Netflix, HBO, etc.)

I have included an unlimited Netflix streaming account on the TV for FREE on-demand internet steaming of all 100,000s of movies and TV shows.

House Remodel - Spring 2019


The house had undergone a major remodeled in Spring 2019:

* new drywall
* new trim
* new front windows
* new paint
* new lighting in all rooms
* new insulation (attic and walls)
* refinishing the hardwood oak floors
* new window coverings
* many new furnishing (including a

New Washer / Dryer









New Washer and Dryer Pair was installed in Sept 2017.

These are modern, quite and efficient models made by Bosch.

Kitchen Remodel - New Cabinets+

Sink area of the kitchen remodel

One view of the remodeled McGee kitchen

The kitchen was remodeled in August 2016 with new cabinets, new under cabinet lights, new counter top, new sink, and new garbage disposal.

See photos on the Photos page.

Backyard Storage Shed

Backyard Storage Shed

Backyard Storage Shed - 1

Added a new shed in the back yard.

It has a few gardening tools, 

but most of the space is available for guest to store items (such as luggage - also potentially bikes, although the shed is not super secure).

Details about the shed:

* It is waterproof.

Espresso Machine

Breville Espresso Maker


The kitchen now has a Breville Cafe Roma espresso machine.

Quick Start Guide (with troubleshooting) available on request

Rolling / Folding Desk

Rolling / Folding desk in up position


Offering guests this optional rolling and folding desk.

Great for the second bedroom: with the Murphy Wallbed up, there is plenty of room to unfold this desk and use the room as an office.  Folds for easy storage (when want the bed to come down).

I can place this desk in the house on request (it is not permanently stored in the house).  …

Murphy Wallbed

Murphy Bed in down position

Murphy Bed in down position

The second bedroom now has a Murphy Wallbed.  This double/full sized bed is very easy to raise and lower.  Guests can create more space as needed during the day by raising the bed if desired (the bed can also be left down all the time).

By making it possible to raise the bed up, this room could now be used as an office more easily.  …

New Mattress Pillow Top

Mattress pillowtop

mattress pillowtop

In the McGee House main bedroom, on the queen sized bed, there is now a natural “pillow topper” to give the bed a more luxurious feel.

This luxury pillow top is from European Sleep Works (in Berkeley) which is very well known in the Bay area for it’s high quality, all natural material, bedroom goods.

New ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Real Internet Speed

We have changed the Internet Service Provider (ISP) at the McGee house to a faster option provided by Sonic.net.

They say the speeds are [24Mb/s download and 1.3Mb/s upload] but like all internet providers, you don’t actually achieve those numbers.

New Bath Sink and Faucet

Sink and Faucet

A new sink, with new faucet, has been installed in the McGee house bathroom.


New Range Hood in Kitchen

Range Hood


A new quiet Broan stainless steel range hood has been installed over the stove in the McGee house kitchen.

hood underside

New Grill in the Back Yard



A new propane grill has been put into the back yard at the McGee house.

Guests now have another cooking option at the McGee House: barbecuing / grilling.

grill controls

New Furnace

Furnace is energy Efficient

energy star logo

A new whole-house forced air furnace has been installed in the McGee house.

This is a high-efficency / energy-star-rated (quiet) furnace that provides heat to the entire house through 5 vents (one in each room: main room, kitchen, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, and bathroom).

New Kitchen Faucet


hansgrohe kitchen faucet

A new European Hansgrohe kitchen faucet has been installed in the McGee house.

This has a built-in sprayer.

New Refrigerator



A new quiet and efficient GE stainless steel refrigerator has been installed in the McGee house.

Energy Star compliant (low energy use).

New Range



A new range (oven and natural gas cooktop) has been installed in the McGee house.

Manufacturer = Dynasty/Jade.

It is a commercial grade model, with

burners that can produce a lot of heat if


range 2

Dishwasher Installed

New Bosch Dishwasher

McGee House Dishwasher

A dishwasher has been installed in the McGee house.

It is a quiet and efficient Bosch model. 

For questions, contact Mark at 
mfoy@vitalita.com (preferred) or +1-510-205-3840 (best by text - also voice) -  http://www.vitalita.com/rental/