The second bedroom now has Twin Bunkbeds which are both Murphy Wallbeds.  These two twin-sized beds are very easy to raise and lower. 

They raise and lower independently, so can have top folded up and bottom folded down, or any other combination.

Second bedroom with both wallbeds in up position
The lower bed has a built in desk, so when the lower bed is folded into the wall, the desk is available.

Guests can create more space as needed during the day by raising the bed(s) if desired (the bed(s) can also be left down all the time).
By making it possible to raise the beds up, this room could now be used as an office more easily.  We offer a 
rolling / folding desk if desired (sometimes it is in the shed).

The top bed has a Serta Memory Foam mattress; and the bottom bed has a Signature Sleep Hybrid Spring mattress; mattresses can be switched if one is preferred.

Video on how to raise and lower these Wallbeds:

Aug 11, 2020 at 12:30 PM

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