Rates - McGee House Pricing


  • Rates vary by length of booking.

  • Minimum rental period is often 4 months - but sometimes as low as 2 weeks.
  • CURRENT: For late-2019, minimum booking period is 2 months.
  • CURRENT: For 2020, minimum booking period is 4 months
  • Please inquire with your dates, and I can respond.

  • Rate is broken into 2 parts:
    • A = Rent (tiered based on duration - see below)
    • plus
    • B = Fixed Utilities Fee ($200/month (pro-rated))
      • (Owner covers ALL utilities - even though cost varies based on usage, owner only charges renters a FIXED $200/month fee)

  • With the Utilities Fee: Guests will NOT have to setup or pay the following bills (all these bills are covered by the owner):
    • Electric Bill
    • Gas/Heat Bill
    • Water Bill
    • Trash Bill
    • Internet Bill
    • Telephone Bill
    • Netflix Bill

  • A = Rent:
  •   Booking Length: between 6 Months or more ==> $3550/month;
  •   Booking Length: between 2 Months and <6 Months ==> $3950/month;
  •   Booking Length: between 4 weeks and 8 weeks ==> $1200/week;
  •   Booking Length: between 14 nights and 27 nights ==> $250/night;

  • B = Fixed Utilities Fee = $200/month (pro-rated to the day)
    • (Even if your utility usage is more than $200/month, I only charge $200/month)

  • All above rates includes all fees, taxes, furnishings, linens, utilities (gas, electric, water), trash service, high speed internet service, Netflix streaming service, and telephone service (with free calls to US numbers).

  • Payments can be made with credit card (MasterCard or Visa or Discover).  Under certain conditions, wire transfer may also be options.

  • Please inquire about your specific time period, and I can calculate the total cost based on these above rates.

For questions, contact Mark at 
mfoy@vitalita.com (preferred) or +1-510-205-3840 (best by text - also voice) -  http://www.vitalita.com/rental/