Home Furnishing Improvement Program

Guest that book the McGee House for 2 months or more receives the option to suggest up to $300 in new home furnishings

  • Furnishings such as kitchen equipment, electronics, outdoor items, etc.
  • For example, if guests would really like to have a gourmet set of knives (and maybe some other kitchen items) at the house, they can suggest a knife set (and other items) (unto $300), and this will be ordered by the McGee house owner for inclusion in the house.
  • Guests can suggest multiple items to come to $300.
  • This allows guests to make small “personalizations” to the house for their stay.
  • And allow the host to continually improve the house (in a customer-directed manner).
  • This is offered at no cost to the guest.
  • Item(s) remains at the house after the guest leaves (that is, these are not gifts for the guests).
  • The item/items suggested will be “installed” into the house as quickly as possible after the request is made (pending this policy) (e.g., if a new drink ware is suggested, because the availability of recycled glass drink ware is quite high, new drink ware must be made from recycled glass) - green purchasing policy is available on request.

Example items a guest could choose:

  • Lux Bath Towels: e.g., quick-drying Japanese-style ones from Onsen.
  • Microwave: e.g., from GE.
  • Cookware: e.g., Fry Pan or set from Ikea.
  • Recycled Glass Drinkware: e.g., from West Elm.
  • French Press: e.g., from Bodum.
  • Gourmet Knives: e.g., from Top Chef.
  • Ceramic Dinnerware: e.g., from Year&Day.
  • Outdoor furniture: e.g., from Ikea.
  • Gaming System: e.g., Sony Playstation.

Fine Print:

  • All suggestions are subject to owner’s approval.

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