McGee House - Rental Price Comparison

This page compares pricing of the Berkeley McGee House against other rental options - considering amenities, furnishings, and monthly costs which, at the McGee House, are covered by the owner.

  • Overall, at the McGee House, guests will have one fixed rate, and will not have to pay for any of the following separately: fees, taxes, furnishings, linens, utilities (gas, heat, electric, water, sewer), trash service, high speed (Gigabit Fiber) internet service, Netflix streaming service, and telephone service (with free calls to US numbers).

How the Berkeley McGee Rental House is well-priced compared to other upscale Berkeley rentals:

(All numbers are monthly amounts considering a 9 month rental)

Summary: Rent Equivalent at the McGee House is about $2500/month (using a 9 month rental period for comparison)
General Monthly Expenses / Savings
Rent $3750 (includes rent and fixed utility fee)
Heat $0 $40
Electricity $0 $40
Water/Sewer $0 $90
Trash Service $0 $50
Gigabit Fiber Internet $0 $65
Telephone (landline) $0 $10
Netflix streaming $0 $10
Laundromat Fees $0 $20
Renters insurance (at McGee, don't need to insure furnishings since those are insured under the owner's policy) $5 $20
CC Cash Back (If you pay McGee rent with a CC that gives you 2% cash back) -$75 $0 (can't get $75 cash back each month)
Avoid Furnishing Expenses (amount are prorated over 9 month rental period)
Bedframes / mattresses $0 $100
Linens (sheets and towels) $0 $70
TV (w/wall mounting) $0 $50
WiFi Router (w/range extender) $0 $40
Kitchen: pots, pans, dishes, silverware, small appliances (toaster, espresso machine, microwave, etc.) $0 $90
Sofa, chairs $0 $170
tables (kitchen, coffee, side), desks, lights, closet organizers $0 $200
grill $0 $20
replacements if any of the electronics stop working $0 $10
Total $1,170

Note: assumes other rental would require tenant to pay fee, would not accept CCs, and would not have a washer/dryer

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