Owner Profile - Mark Foy the owner and Manager

of the McGee House

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Mark purchased the Berkeley McGee House in 2005 to provide furnished comfortable housing for people visiting Berkeley (including visitors to UC Berkeley).  Visitors at that time had very few options for furnished housing; there were plenty of housing options which were unfurnished, and required a 9 month lease (where the renter had to setup their own utilities, etc.), but other than expensive hotels (which generally do not have kitchens, etc.), there were very few other options.

The McGee House was designed to fit this need from the beginning.

Mark has stayed at multiple furnished properties at many locations in the USA, as well as in Europe.  Those experiences have been great for learning what is important to travelers/visitors.

Mark lives about 15 blocks from the McGee House, and provides management to all guests of the house.  He also works in the information technology arena, as well as in culinary services.  You can see his main web site at 
https://www.vitalita.com/ .

"I love the Berkeley McGee Rental House for it's comfortable furnishings and quiet neighborhood, yet still close to many of Berkeley's best offerings, as well as the private back yard which is great for enjoying the comfortable California days."

Berkeley, California

mfoy@vitalita.com | +1-510-205 3840

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