Reasons The McGee House is Better Option Than a Hotel

These are many reasons why the Full Furnished McGee House is a better choice over staying at a hotel long-term - reasons include:

Many More amenities at the McGee house without extra fees:

  • No extra nightly fees or taxes (unlike hotels where extra fees/taxes are common)
  • No extra fees for breakfast (start with the juice, cereal, and coffee supplied at the house, and add other items from the grocery store instead of paying the high prices for a hotel breakfast)
  • No daily internet connection fees (broadband high-speed always-on internet is included at the McGee house at no extra cost)
  • Make free unlimited telephone calls (to US numbers) using the phone in the house (hotels often charge excessive fees for phone calls)
  • No extra fees for laundry service - at the McGee house, washer and dryer are right there (exclusive use - not shared), and can be used at anytime without any extra costs or hassle (laundry detergent provided)
  • TV also has free on-demand streaming of movies and TV shows (via Netflix) - TV is high definition (HD)
  • Fully stocked kitchen (including an espresso machine) - save money by not having to eat out all 3 meals every day
  • A separate living room from the bedrooms where groups can gather (separate from the living area)
  • Private outdoor backyard (with a BBQ Grill) (fully landscaped) (unlike at a hotel)

More Quiet and Private:

  • At a hotel, you have so many people coming and going at all hours (making noise) - but at the McGee house, that is not an issue since the house is in a quite neighborhood, and there is only one common wall
  • No noisy people in the hotel room above or below you (at the McGee house, there is no living space above or below)
  • Two full private bedrooms at the McGee house, rather than one big room with two beds at a hotel

Environmental/Health Considerations:

  • All sheets/linens are organic cotton (you are not going to find that at most hotels)
  • All towels are organic cotton (again, unlike hotels)
  • Only low-VOC paints used in the house (unlike hotels)
  • None of the floors off-gas: tile flooring in the bathroom, hardwood floors in the main spaces and bedrooms, and all-natural ecological linoleum (with no plastics) in the kitchen
  • House cleaned with safe non-toxic cleaners (unlike hotels)
  • House is carbon neutral (via the Terra Pass program)
  • Green purchasing policy in place (again, will not find that at many hotels)

Other Conveniences:

  • Driving is not required when staying at the McGee house because it close to all Berkeley destinations (including downtown, the BART station, and the UC Berkeley campus)
  • Sometimes early check-in and late check-out are possible (more often than at hotels)

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